Which Led Grow Light is suitable to grow cannabis?

Published by RioTinto 2022-06-24

LED GROW LIGHT technology has been improving rapidly, especially in the past 1-2 years. Although almost all LED Grow Lights (even using the worst LED) can grow good cannabis, some new types developed specifically for cannabis have higher yields, densities and growth rates than old and general models. We are currently conducting extensive testing between different LED grow lights to ensure which are the best.

3 main types of Led Grow Light

Quantum Board LED Grow light

The name "Quantum Board LED Grow light" originated from the Horticulture Lighting Group, although this term sometimes is used for this style LED Grow Light. They tend to have relatively low power diodes, which are distributed over a large area on the board. These have become more and more popular recently and seem to provide good results for the wattage used.

Spider LED Grow Light

The PCB board of the Spider LED Grow Light is similar to the Quantum Board one because the individual diodes are scattered and tend to be on the smaller side, but they are set on the panel with spider-like "arms" instead of being sturdy PCB board. A very popular example is the SPYDRx series LED light. They are usually very expensive, but growers who use them swear that they will get better results than any other type of LED grow light.

Foldable LED Grow Light

Fanless, no-noise large solid aluminum radiator, waterproof LED, high safety performance and dimmable. Foldable design, easy to install and transport

Designed specifically for cannabis growers around the world


There are 3 main types of LED Grow Lights that are most commonly used to grow cannabis. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so there is no "best" LED type. You can choose the suitable LED GROW LIGHT according to your needs.

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