How long will LED grow lights remain popular?

Published by RioTinto 2022-06-24

With the development and advancement of LED technology, the production and application of LED grow lights have become more mature, and they have been overcoming obstacles along the way, but how long will LED grow lights remain popular?

At present, cannabis is the world's largest annual sales volume and the most widely used type of addictive substance. However, due to its pharmacological effects such as pain relief, anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory, some countries have classified cannabis as a legal medical product. In recent years, due to Through the legalization of marijuana policies in some countries, the medical value and use risks of marijuana have aroused widespread concern. More than a hundred cannabinoids can be extracted from cannabis plants.


Fluorescent lights, high-pressure sodium lights and other grow lights have also been brilliant, and still have a certain market position, but in front of LED grow lights, Its disadvantages are also very obvious:

(1) The lifespan is relatively short. Due to technical reasons, the life of fluorescent light has not exceeded 10,000 hours after all, and the life of sodium light is also about 30,000 hours. However grow lights manufacturer can easily achieve the life of LED grow lights to about 50,000 hours;

(2) Electro-optical conversion efficiency, the highest intelligent conversion efficiency of traditional grow light is about 15%, but LED grow lights can be well controlled between 20-30%;

(3) In terms of environmental protection, traditional grow lights cannot be recycled, and some lights produce harmful gases, while LED grow lights do not;

(4) Temperature control. The surface temperature of traditional grow lights is very high, which is not conducive to supplementing light with close plants. LED grow lights can make up for this defect;

(5) Light utilization rate. After the traditional grow lights are converted into light, only a part of them can be used to supplement the light for plants, and a large part of it is invalid light for plants. The wavelength of LED grow lights can be customized, and almost only emits the spectrum needed for plant growth.

In conclusion, although traditional plant lights still survive in the entire plant lighting market due to their price advantages, they are destined to be eliminated. Like incandescent lamps, they were once a global luxury item and are now a rut in the wheel of history. The development of things is only a matter of time.

So how long will LED grow lights remain popular?

Nowaday LED grow light is a favorite in the field of plant supplement light. Although the price and other details need to be optimized, looking at the history of the development of lamps and lanterns, time cannot stop the advent of a good product. Price cannot stop the development of a good product, and the subtle defects of edge technology cannot stop the popularization of a good product. Only products with more core advantages and better meeting people needs can become the future. At present, it is the current field of plant light, is also the future of the field of plant light. As for tomorrow, who can imagine it? Edison wouldn’t have thought that incandescent lamps would be honorably retired by the world, did he?


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