What is Vertical farming?

Published by RioTinto 2022-06-24

Vertical farming has become an accepted practice with some vegetables, but increasingly cannabis growers are adapting layered techniques to maximize output.


The future of modern agriculture is moving towards indoor or vertical farming. Vertical farming is an innovative method of farming, where crops are grown in vertically stacked layers. The technique of vertical farming usually aims at optimizing plant growth by incorporating controlled-environment agriculture.


In vertical or indoor farming, the plants do not necessarily depend on natural light for growth. Here, the crops are grown using artificial lights that are known as grow lights. These grow lights are usually electrical lights designed to stimulate plants’ growth through the release of electromagnetic spectrums that are perfect for photosynthesis. 


Vertical farming led grow light

When to Use Vertical Grow Lights

If the indoor place you want to grow your plants doesn’t have access to natural light

Suppose you require additional lighting for the growth of your plants. This usually happens during the winter seasons, where vertical grow lights can be used as another light source for the crops.

Different Types of Vertical Grow Lights

It is essential to note that grow lights do not necessarily have to mimic sunlight. Often than not, the light emitted by grow lights usually outdoes sunlight.


Vertical farming led grow light

Our best suggestion:LED Grow Lights          

It is in the early 2000s that the blue and red LEDs started being used for indoor farming. Among the three types of grow lights, the LED grow lights are the most efficient. This is because the distance of the light to the plant does not negatively affect the plants’ growth. This is to say; you can place the lights as far away from the plants without depriving the plants of the most needed light. LED grow lights are favorable in creating the perfect environment for almost any type of plant’s indoor farming. For Cannerald, the spectra delivers the energy that the plants need and also quality lighting for the workers tending the crop.

With technology advancing with every passing year, there is no telling of how the future will be. However, when it comes to farming, vertical farming is, without a doubt, agriculture’s future. Understanding the pro and cons of each vertical grow light available can help you make an informed choice of what works best for you.

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