How to choose a led grow light?

Published by RioTinto 2022-06-24

Basic knowledge of LED grow light
All green plants need light to perform photosynthesis, during which special cells convert the energy contained in light into sugar. In the process, plants release oxygen.

The amount of light required for plant growth varies greatly, from low-intensity indoor plants (for example, dracaena) to fruity foods (for example, tomatoes), which require brighter light.

In most cases, even the sunniest window sills cannot provide the required light intensity or duration, especially in winter.

The amount of light required for plant growth varies greatly.
Lamps with full-spectrum LED lights can easily provide the lighting required by plants through a specially designed planting light stand.
Duration describes the number of hours of light the plant receives in 24 hours.

Color describes the visual appearance of light. Most grow lights provide full spectrum light. Most of the light used by plants comes from the blue and red of the spectrum. They rarely use yellow and green light. Blue light stimulates plant growth (leaves and roots), while red light stimulates plants to produce flowers and fruits.

LED or fluorescent light?
Both our LEDs and fluorescent lamps produce full-spectrum light. However, LEDs are more suitable for plants, environments and wallets.

LEDs are very suitable for your plants. Our products are calibrated to meet the demanding needs of indoor plants and stimulate stronger root systems by enhancing blue light, enhancing photosynthesis and ensuring growth. It is very efficient.
They are friendly to the earth. Mercury-free LED tubes will not break as easily as glass, so the amount of garbage will be reduced.
Fluorescent lights are affordable. If you are new to indoor gardening or just grow a few plants, fluorescent lights may be a good choice.
Conventional incandescent bulbs are not used for indoor growth because they emit too much and will burn young leaves.

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