How to harvest 5.29LBS Cannabis in 49 days?

Published by RioTinto 2022-06-24

The accelerated production of plants demands sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis. LED grow lights can accelerate any plant grow effectively, shorten the growth cycle, and thus obtain higher yields, so how to use LED grow lights in a very short time to 5.29LBS cannabis in 49 days?

Our engineer team has 10 years of research experience. After thousands of tests, we have obtained the full spectrum that can help cannabis grow much faster and guarantee high harvest. Of course, we have studied a variety of combinations according to different customer needs. Engineer recommends 640W LED grow lights that can meet the yield needs of mid-to-high-end customers and effectively guarantee the customer's planting cycle and output, so this is one of the most popular product. 1000W LED grow lights are suitable for  customers who require higher efficiency and less HAVC, and there is no doubt that the cost is relatively high, but the production capacity is a quarter higher than 640W, which allows hemp to mature faster and with higher output.


We finally developed 640W, 800W and 1000W, equipped with a series of popular leds on the market including Samsung lm301b/301h, 302H, SMD3030, 2835, etc. The power supply includes Meanwell, Inventronics, UL/CE certified Waterproof power supply that guarantees higher productivity, life is very precious, we shall use safety power supply.


Our American customers are using 1000W LED grow lights and harvested 5.29LBS hemp in just 49 days. They are fairly satisfied with us and approves of our solution. The following is the program information used by customers in the United States:

1000W 2.9UMOL/J Inventronics power supply 302H Leds.


This customer has 8 years of planting experience. He has a good grasp of the growth cycle of hemp, and has mature experience in hemp soil, fertilizer, air, temperature, humidity, etc., he said: I am very confident in growing marijuana that make people satisfied, although the cost is relatively high, but my profit is enough to invest again, I really like to cooperate with the brand of Cretivity.


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